Ocean to Plate (dry)

For those seafood enthusiasts out there that prefer to stay dry the Ocean to Plate (dry) is tailor made for you. Australia’s Coastal Wilderness Adventures has worked alongside local seafood producers to bring the very best and freshest seafood available in our region to your plate. 

Situated on the Southern end of the Far South Coast is the sleepy/picturesque coastal town of Eden. Due to its productive waters and reliable access to the Tasman Sea Eden is the perfect setting for commercial fishin and aquaculture industries. These industries supply both domestic and international markets with premium catch with a vast majority being transported to Sydney & Melbourne fish markets for sale.

 By sourcing locally from the seafood producers operating out of Eden ACWA have provided our customers exclusive access to the freshest local seafood available through commercial channels. The end result a showcase of local seafood coupled with locally produced wine and cheese. Most importantly a meal that goes directly towards supporting Australia’s domestic seafood industry. 

But it doesn’t stop there… Prior to preparing and serving this beautiful seafood our guides will take you on an insightful interpretive tour through Snug Cove, Eden's active fishing harbor. During this time our guides share their knowledge on the inner workings of the local fishing and aquaculture industries. Covering topics such as fishing techniques, fisheries management, operations, markets, seasonality and more. So along with an unforgettable seafood meal you will learn and appreciate the process of getting seafood from the Ocean to the Plate.


·         Seafood smorgasbord coupled with local wine and cheese

·         Insightful tour of Snug Cove, Eden 

·         Live cooking demonstration

·         Outdoor dining experience with a stunning ocean backdrop


Duration: 2.5 hours

Price: $150 per head

Min-Max: 4-12