Ocean to plate experience-

Have you ever wanted to catch your own seafood? If the answer is yes keep reading. This is your chance to experience something truly unique and rewarding. Take the rare opportunity to learn from a local expert that will teach you the sustainable seafood collection techniques required to harvest mussels, abalone, crayfish and urchins. Highly sought after premium Australia seafood that is often worth more than the price of an individual tour.

Our locally experienced guides will take you to the very best locations, provide suitable equipment and give you all the tips you need to collect your own seafood delicacies. As an added bonus you will be snorkelling in world class marine environments teaming with life.

After working up an appetite take time to relax whist your guides demonstrate how to prepare the premium seafood collected by your fantastic self. Watch or get involved in cooking the freshest and most memorable seafood meal you are ever likely to enjoy. The end result, a smorgasbord of the very best local seafood coupled with some of our delightful local/regional refreshments.

ACWA's ocean to plate experience is available year round, with each season offering a different bounty. Bookings for this unforgettable experience and must be made in advance. Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures cater for groups of up to 6 on their ocean to plate experience. Allow 5-6 hours for total duration of the experience. Join us on this unforgettable experience. 

Price- $195 per person per day

ACWA’s ocean to plate experience includes

·         Expert local guidance on sustainable marine collection techniques

·         Recreational fishing license fee

·         All snorkelling and seafood collection equipment- Snorkel, mask, weight belt, fins, wetsuit, vest, abalone tool, hand crafted catch bag

·         Demonstration on seafood preparation

·         Smorgasbord of premium local seafood coupled with local/regional refreshments

·         Transportation to and from one of the best seafood collection locations (maximum 4 persons, optional) 

On the Menu

Far South Coast Oysters served natural with lemon                                                                    

Local Prawns with homemade seafood sauce

Blue Mussels served in tomato based white wine reduction with freshly baked Wild Ryes Cabarita 

Abalone marinated in ginger, garlic, chilli & limee tossed in hot wok 

Eastern Rock Lobster served natural with lemon, cracked pepper & sea salt

Sea Urchin Uni (sashimi)

Served alongside locally produced wines & cheese platter

(menu subject to seasonal availability)

Collect your own premium Australian Seafood on an Ocean to Plate experience with Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures. Details here: http://www.acwadventures.com/ocean-to-plate/