For those wanting to tailor their experience with ACWA we are excited to work with you. Whether your objective is becoming a better snorkel diver or to see Weedy Sea Dragons ACWA will do their best using knowledge of the coast and flexibility to meet your needs. Below is a list of customised options that may interest you. However, if you have any other needs we are happy to hear from you. 

1. Become a better snorkel diver. Perfect for someone wanting to enter the sport with the correct guidance of safety and technique from day 1.

2. Become better at marine foraging. For those wanting to become skilled seafood foragers. 

3. Enjoy snorkelling outside of peak periods. Discover the joys of winter snorkelling. 

4. Perhaps you would like to encounter a particular type of marine life for instance Weedy Sea Dragons, Cuttlefish, seals, rays or something else. Talk to us we may be able to help. 

5. You want to plan time away with a special group of friends and/or family. ACWA using their local network can help put together a memorable itinerary for the duration of your stay. 

6. Corporate, school or special interest group- Lets plan something great and memorable together. 

We are open to ideas!