Eden's Cruise season steaming along

Eden's cruise season is reaching full steam. After recent visits the town is bracing itself for a wave of new  ship arrivals in early 2016. On Dec 15 The Pacific Jewel arrived in Eden where passengers were greeted by stunning weather and the smiling faces of many helpful volunteers. 

Making the most of the stunning day 10 passengers choose to do a guided snorkelling tour with ACWA. However, this was not your average group. This beautiful group of family and friends had never taken a dip in the ocean... For them snorkelling was like entering a new world. After a little bit of apprehension the group was put at ease by the professional guidance of ACWA's team. By taking little steps at a time each of these brave experience seekers managed to become mermaid like in the space of the 2 hour session. Their smiles were not disappearing in a hurry. At the end of the day there was a huge sense of accomplishment for all of those involved. The moral of the story is it is never too late to try something new. Thank you Amit for bringing your amazing family and friends to Eden and taking the plunge with ACWA.