Far South Coast Tour Availabilities- Snorkelling Prawning Ocean to Plate

Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures want you to join them on a unique coastal experience this Summer. With the temperature rising and Christmas holidays around the corner bookings are coming in fast. With this in mind we have outlined the available dates for snorkelling, prawning and ocean to plate experiences below to ensure no one misses out. Our experiences are family friendly and offer unique insights into the environment and coastal activities present on the Far South Coast of NSW. All equipment is provided, you will have full access to an experienced local guide and transportation is also available (limitied to 4 people). Booking is as simple as emailing or calling Scott Proctor at info@acwadventures.com or 0439 421 986 to arrange a date. 

What's on? 

December 19/12/16-24/12/1

Whats on? 

December 26/12/16-31/12/16 



Note prawning tours are available each night from the 19th of December Until the 17th of Jan.  

Getting Back to Nature

During a recent camping experience with friends it became apparent how important it is to get back to nature.  

During our three day stay at Bittangabee Bay  campground in Ben Boyd National Park we spent a lot of time talking, collecting seafood and for the most part preparing/cooking amazing campfire meals. With little more than single pot and pan and a lot of ingenuity/teamwork we managed to produce some of the most memorable seafood dishes we have ever sampled. Not to mention the muffin creations... But that is another story. 

It all began with a day in the water collecting mussels, oysters, crayfish,abalone and an assortment of speared reef fish. During this monumental team effort we managed to source enough seafood to support our food needs for the days to follow. 

Countless hours were spent talking around the camp fire. Mostly deliberation over how to cook the wonderful food we had on offer.

Day 1-

  • Oysters Cooked on hot coals
  • Crayfish natural served with lemon and cracked pepper
  •  Crumbed Mowrong  
  • Muffins with melted white chocolate blueberries and fried banana...  
Roughing it in the bush... 

Roughing it in the bush... 

Teamwork in progress. Fire master to the right.  

Teamwork in progress. Fire master to the right.  


After the success of day one our stomaches were quite content. Also there was a strong feeling of relaxation around the camp. By no means did we think we could ever top such a delightful campfire degustation on day 2. However that did not stop us from trying. 


Day 2  

  • Oysters Killpatrick  
  • Crayfish Thermidor 2 ways  
  • Abalone traditional (to be explained) 
  • Muffin creation no.2 Roasted marshmallow, fired banana, crumbled Forrero Rocher on a heated chocolate chip muffin


Creation in muffin form  

Creation in muffin form  

The most tender abalone one could ever eat.  Cooked using a special technique that will remain a secret.  

The most tender abalone one could ever eat.  Cooked using a special technique that will remain a secret.  

After eating like kings for a few days there was talk of abandoning modern society in favour of the hunter gatherer life. However the temptation of hot showers was eventually too much to bare.  

In summary, this trip was a real eye opener. Within only a few days we had all connected with each other, the food we had collected ourselves and the environment around us in a way that made everyone feel very happy, relaxed and content. So when you get the chance grab some friends a pot and a pan, tent or swag and make the time to get back to nature.  



New Snorkel Diver Training Program starts on the Far South Coast

Have you ever wanted to get into snorkelling but didn't know where to start? Are you a parent looking for a healthy and rewarding pastime for your kids? Or a school teacher looking to get your students engaging with the outdoors? Well, ACWA's Snorkel Diver Training Program could be for you. 


ACWA's Snorkel Diver program aims to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills required to snorkel safely with a similarly trained or experienced snorkel diver. The program consists of both theoretical and practical sessions and is taught in line with AUSIDIVE's guidelines. AUSIDIVE is an Australian company that provides industry leading educational services in the areas of Scuba and Snorkelling in Australia and abroad. Essentially it is your ticket to explore our fantastic marine environment with all of the knowledge and skills required to get the most enjoyment out of snorkelling. 

During your time with ACWA you will be taken to the very best snorkelling locations on the Far South Coast. You will have the opportunity to meet and engage with people with a mutual interest and join a vibrant community of adventure seekers. You will be equip with quality snorkelling equipment and given local insights into our amazing underwater playground.

 "Snorkelling is a fantastic interest, the marine environment is diverse and ever changing. Each dive is a new adventure and a chance to see and experience something different. By doing ACWA's Snorkel Diver Program you could be taking the first steps into starting a fascinating and rewarding lifelong pursuit. If this interests you please give acwa a call or email to sign up for a program (contact details below)." Scott Proctor, Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures.


ACWA's Snorkel Diver program will be conducted year round on demand. Minimum class size of 4 maximum of 10.  


Day 1. Theory and pool based skills session

Day 2. Ocean snorkelling, practical and theoretical assessment 


For those interested in grasping the practical skills of snorkelling ACWA has made a one day intensive program to cover basic skills, safety, use of equipment and ocean snorkelling. The day will consist of an introduction to the equipment, pool based skill/safety session, ocean snorkelling and practical assessment.  


The total cost of the full program will be $120 per student. Payments can be made upfront at the beginning of the course. The practical only course costs $70 per student again payments can be made upfront prior to the commencement of the course.  


If you are interested in signing up for ACWA's Snorkel Diver program call or email Scott Proctor on 0439 421 986 or info@acwadventures.com. Registration forms will be sent out on request and more details will be provided upon registration including location, what to bring and course materials.



January 2016- Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures

Despite flurries of poor weather Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures managed to jump onto the pockets of good stuff and get a substantial number of satisfied customers into the calm and clear waters around the sapphire coast. The inconsistent weather may have been a blessing is disguise as I was given a chance to finish an ongoing project with my tradesmen friend Sean Smith. 'Big Blue' the acwa trailer is now registered and on the road. Keep and eye out for the big blue trailer. Also, after a long period of negotiation Australia's Coastal Wilderness Adventures is happy to announce they now have a commercial partnership with National Parks and Wildlife services NSW. This means we can now take our guests into our beautiful National Parks.  

January saw many families and couples from Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and abroad coming to the coast to try their hand at snorkelling and catching their own seafood on an ocean to plate experience. These adventure seekers were not disappointed as ACWA went out of their way to seek out the very best conditions the Far South Coast had to offer at the various times. Also no one went hungry during an ocean to plate experience as the very best in local seafood, wine, cheese and baked goods were sourced from local seafood outlets, wineries and Wild Rye's Baking Co. A massive thanks to hooked on seafoods, Eden Mussels, Wheeler's Seafood Restaurant, Rusty Fig Wines (Bermagui) and Wild Rye's Baking Co. for always delivering consistently exceptional products. Our customers are always delighted with the freshness and quality of the produce on offer. 

With this month at an end it is time to keep moving forward. ACWA will be providing experiences for cruise ship visitors arriving Feb 2nd on the Pacific Eden. In addition the prawning should be spot on with conditions expected to peak around the 7-12th of February. Some spots have already been taken but there is still time to join ACWA on a prawning adventure. Also with peak season winding down ACWA will be exploring some new directions and hopefully soon we will have a few different offerings. Watch this space to keep posted. 

Merimbula's not so hidden gem

Their is no doubt that those living or visiting the Far South Coast know it is oozing with natural beauty. The pristine water ways, spectacular beaches and ancient forests make this area a playground for lovers of the outdoors. However, there is a true gem that lies within plain sight. Merimbula Wharf stands proudly overlooking a world class surf break, beautiful lake entrance and the blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean. 

Earlier this week I was hit with a dose of nostalgia whilst taking groups of people snorkelling at the iconic Merimbula Wharf. I was reminded of the days when I would cling to Dads back as he would point out Blue Grouper, schooling mullet, squid, stingrays and many more of the interesting marine locals. When thinking back Merimbula Wharf is where I really become comfortable in the ocean and where my fascination for the marine environment began.

Thankfully the Wharf and surrounding area remains abundant with marine life. Whether it be Nudibranchs, massive rays, Bango Sharks, Bream, Blackfish, Urchins, Kelp there is a lot to see. With the right conditions the water is very inviting even for the most hesitant first time snorkellers. It is my pleasure to be able to show people this amazing underwater paradise. I'm looking forward to using one of the best NE'ly lee's on the coast to show off our amazing backyard. #ACWA #snorkelling #Merimbula   

Ready to jump in crystal clear 22 degree water 🐙 

Ready to jump in crystal clear 22 degree water 🐙 

Great way to spend a Sunday or any other day for that matter.  

Great way to spend a Sunday or any other day for that matter.  


Eden's Cruise season steaming along

Eden's cruise season is reaching full steam. After recent visits the town is bracing itself for a wave of new  ship arrivals in early 2016. On Dec 15 The Pacific Jewel arrived in Eden where passengers were greeted by stunning weather and the smiling faces of many helpful volunteers. 

Making the most of the stunning day 10 passengers choose to do a guided snorkelling tour with ACWA. However, this was not your average group. This beautiful group of family and friends had never taken a dip in the ocean... For them snorkelling was like entering a new world. After a little bit of apprehension the group was put at ease by the professional guidance of ACWA's team. By taking little steps at a time each of these brave experience seekers managed to become mermaid like in the space of the 2 hour session. Their smiles were not disappearing in a hurry. At the end of the day there was a huge sense of accomplishment for all of those involved. The moral of the story is it is never too late to try something new. Thank you Amit for bringing your amazing family and friends to Eden and taking the plunge with ACWA.